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Automatic Price Information System (APIS)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012 - 17:30

Automatic Price Information System (APIS)has installed at Yangon Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the assistance of FAO.Hence, since January 9 of 2012, the price news has being answered on telephone no. (01)528977.

If you dial (01)528977 and the phone is not busy, you can hear the answer for price automatically in Myanmar.

Prices answered are the whole sale prices for Black Matpe, Green Mung Beans, Toor Whole and Chick Pea (V2) which are mainly trading in center, prices of various kind of sesame seeds in wholesale, wholesale price of yellow maize and wholesale price of edible oils, onion, garlic, potato, chilly and etc. that is on the time of noon.

Apart from those prices, if you want to know more commodities' prices on today and previous days, you can visit Price Report Pages freely in this site.

Otherwise, Automatic Price Imformation Systems are installed in 7 commodity exchanges of Mandalay with phon Number (02) 24550, Muse (105 miles) with (082) 553000, Pyi with (053) 24765, Hintharda with (044) 22444, Monywar with (071) 28336, Magwe with (063) 28489, and Pathein (042) 23821.