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Members of YRCCI

Yangon Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established with 20 members in 1991. But nowadays there are 4000 members in Yangon Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Members are:-

  • Exporters/ Importers
  • Beans and Pulses Traders
  • Sesame Seeds Traders
  • Yellow Maize Traders
  • Editable Oil and Oil Produced Crop Traders
  • Rice Traders
  • Onion and Garlic Traders
  • Chilly Traders
  • Potatoes Traders
  • Tamarind Traders
  • Fishery Products Traders
  • Sugar and Jeggery Traders & etc.

In Association, There are two types of Member, one is Gold Member and other is Silver Member.

Gold Member is the one who dose not need to pay annual fee but Silver Member needs to pay. Although there are two types of Membership, association receipted the new Gold Member.

The following qualification is required to apply for member

  • Must be Myanmar citizen.
  • Must be 18 years Old.
  • Must be good morality.
  • Able to follow the Rules and regulations of Association.
  • Must pay the Member Fees.
  • Must be Public Company, Joint venture Company, Limited Company which are registered according with the Myanmar Company Act or Wholesale Warehouse permitted by the Yangon City Development Committee. Those are trading Beans & pulses, wheat, maize, editable oil & oil produced crops, kitchen crops and other consumer goods.