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Export Market

Yangon Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Yangon Commodities Exchange Centre.) manipulate export market under the name of “Common Marker Sale of Beans & pulses” to export various beans and pulses to fulfill the following objectives.


1. By the guidance of States Leaders, to arise a international beans and pulses market in Myanmar.
2. In long-term, to be stable the prices of beans & pulses and to get regular income for beans and pulses cultivators.
3. To be a seller’s market for exporting beans & pulses to overseas.

Opening Day and Time

Export market opens at 12:00 hr. and closes at 14:00 hr. on Monday to Friday, weekly, except government gazetted holiday.

Eligible Personal

Myanmar Beans & Pulses exporters who are members of Yangon Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, can attend and sell, and overseas companies ias well as Singapore Companies based at Yangon can attend and buy beans & pulses from Myanmar exporters in this market.

Beans & Pulses for Trade

The following beans and pulses are traded in this market.

1. Black Mapte
2. Green Maung beans
3. Toor Whole
4. Chick Peas (V2)
5. Black Eye Beans
6. Brown Beans
7. Kideny Beans
8. Butter Beans