The Biochemical Society has announced its 2020 award recipients and Professor Dame Kay Davies has been honoured with the prestigious Centenary Award. Haldane Lecture: A hundred years on: 21st Century Insights into Human Oxygen Homeostasis, How the brain learns from making difficult decisions, Oxford named best for medicine for ninth consecutive year, Leptin is the missing piece in the immunometabolism puzzle, Neuroimmunometabolism identified as a new field of research, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre supports charity Christmas pub quiz. © Each year the Biochemical Society presents a series of awards that recognize excellence and achievement in both specific and general fields of science. Potential new route to treatment for Cerebellar Ataxia? Professor Tim Behrens is a new Fellow of the Royal Society. The Centenary Award is awarded annually to a biochemist of distinction from any part of the world. Professor Dame Kay Davies has been awarded the Biochemical Society's 2020 Centenary Award in recognition for the excellence of her work on Duchenne muscular dystrophy and the profound impact her research has had on the scientific community and wider society. The Biochemical Society has announced its 2020 award recipients and Professor Dame Kay Davies has been honoured with the prestigious Centenary Award. The Biochemical Society has announced its 2020 award recipients and Professor Dame Kay Davies has been honoured with the prestigious Centenary Award. David Paterson honoured by the American Physiological Society, Potential strategy identified to improve blood vessel growth after heart attack, New insights into Cajal's interactions with Sherrington and the Croonian Lecture, Next generation of scientists meet CRISPR pioneer, Professor Kieran Clarke delivers the William C. Stanley Award Lecture, Cardiac, metabolism and cell physiology researchers come together for Integrative Physiology Theme Day, Integrative Physiology Theme Day Talks and Photos, Critical role demonstrated for the auditory cortex in adapting to hearing loss, Sarah De Val set to expand critical research into endothelial cell dysfunction in cardiovascular disease, New approach to reducing damage after a heart attack, New study discovers the impact of environment on sleep patterns in wild primates, Gero Miesenböck receives 2019 Warren Alpert Foundation Award, Emma Bardsley and David Paterson awarded Hypertension's top paper for 2018, Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft awarded Jacob Henle Medal, DPAG Academics deliver UNIQ Summer School in Medicine classes, Understanding the role of little known gene in regulating our metabolism, DPAG researchers shine at the ARUK Oxford Network Dementia Research Day 2019, Shedding light on the brain: the dawn of optogenetics, Richard Tyser awarded runner-up position in BHF image competition, Three DPAG Academics recognised with Teaching Excellence Awards, Deborah Goberdhan receives DPAG’s first LAB282 award, Zoltán Molnár evaluates latest research into human cerebral cortex development, Adam Packer set to explore unchartered territory in the brain, DPAG's inaugural Sir Hans Krebs Lecture speaker, Jeffrey Friedman ForMemRS, has been awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, New light shed on what controls our motivated actions, Zoltán Molnár delivers the Guillery Memorial Lecture 2019, DPAG's inaugural John Scott Haldane Lecture speaker, Sir Peter Ratcliffe FRS, awarded Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, Physiology Friday: a spotlight on Physiological Society membership, Watch Newton-Abraham Professor Don Bers' talk: Calcium is at the Coeur of Normal Heart Function and Disease, NIH-OxCam: a graduate student's journey to Oxford, Professor Christine Mummery gives the 2019 John Burdon-Sanderson Lecture, Damian Tyler is an Honorary Skou Professor at the University of Aarhus, DPAG members shine at the Oxford BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2019, DPAG Researchers participate at the Parliamentary launch of The Physiological Society's new ageing report, Manuela Zaccolo honoured by the Royal Society of Biology, DPAG researchers engage the public at IF Oxford 2019, Probing the genetics of advanced prostate cancer in fruit flies, Research Spotlight for Black History Month: Pavandeep Rai, Zoltán Molnár is an Elected Member of Academia Europaea, Professor Dame Pamela Shaw delivers the GL Brown Prize Lecture 2019, Research Spotlight: ‘I want to get high enough up the chain to pull others over the wall with me’, Caution when looking at cell recycling in Parkinson’s, Winners of the DPAG Student Poster Day 2019 announced, Cristina Blanco Duque is a CSF 2019 Award Winner, Shared Parental Leave Spotlight for Universal Children's Day, Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Ratcliffe FRS delivers inaugural Haldane Lecture, Inaugural Haldane Lecture 2019 - Photos taken after the lecture, Neil Herring appointed Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Physiology and Tutorial Fellow at Exeter College, Watch J.S. Protein folding, structure prediction and design. The Biochemical Society's YLS (Young Life Scientists) Centenary Symposium. Robin Klemm charts the expanding frontiers of lipid biology, Associate Professor Robin Klemm Interview Transcript, New evidence against one proposed mechanism of hypoxia in COVID-19, Black In Neuro Week: Dayne Beccano-Kelly on race, academia and research, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre pays tribute to one of its loyal fundraisers, Richard Tyser is British Science Association Award Lecturer on finding the first heartbeat, How brain networks cooperate to control our sleep, Natalie Connor-Robson widens access to STEM skills with In2scienceUK, Genetic study points to cells responsible for Parkinson’s, Acidic niche keeps lymphatic system in check during immune response, Recharging the battery of the diabetic heart, Sites of early dysfunction in Parkinson's identified, Dayne Beccano-Kelly appointed World Parkinson Coalition Science Ambassador, Deborah Goberdhan elected to the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles Executive Board, Einstein Visiting Fellowship awarded to Zoltán Molnár, Tiny brain “tweezers” could hold the key to treat Parkinson’s, Sonali Munshaw is an IVBM E-poster Award Winner, Ana Domingos joins the Cell Metabolism Advisory Board, Paul Riley appointed Director of Oxford’s Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine, Professor Paul Riley Interview Transcript, Renewal of Athena SWAN Silver award for DPAG, New insights into mitochondria quality control could hold the key to treating metabolic disorders, Lukas Krone honoured by the World Sleep Society, Dayne Beccano-Kelly awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship, Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft receives Society for Endocrinology's highest accolade, Researchers reveal surprising simplicity behind our ability to hear, MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship awarded to Samira Lakhal-Littleton, Pawel Swietach becomes Professor Pawel Swietach, Two major BHF awards to Neil Herring pave the way to new treatments for heart attack patients, New MRI technique could detect early signs of heart failure in cancer patients following chemotherapy, A clue to how a memory-enhancing pill might work, Lukas Krone to represent Oxford at the Global Young Scientists Summit, New Nanoscience Institute to advance physiology research in Oxford, Earliest origins of the forming heart identified, Thomas Willis (1621 - 1675) 400th Birthday - Erica Charters in conversation with Zoltán Molnár, Dense-core granule formation and function, Microcarriers as signalling mediators and storage structures, OXION: Ion Channels and Disease Initiative, June 2017 Oxfordshire Science Festival Photos, February 2017 Iris Festival of Ancient and Modern Sciences Photos, June 2016 Oxfordshire Science Festival Photos, BHF donor lab visit (oral presentation / laboratory tours), 22th March 2016, Athena SWAN Applications and Action Plans, Coaching, mentoring, and professional development, Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture. Poster Competition, Gero Miesenböck Wins Frontiers of Knowledge Award, DPAG to Host the UK's First White Fibre Dissection Course, DPAG'S Dr Tastan in "I'm a scientist, get me out of here! The Colworth Medal > The Colworth Medal is a prestigious annual award for outstanding research by a biochemist of any nationality who has carried out the majority of their work in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Acquired prion diseases and their wider relevance in neurodegeneration CANCELLED!! As the newly announced winner, Kay is invited to present the Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture at a Society conference during 2020, and to submit an article related to her Award Lecture to one of the Society's publications. Now in their 58th year, the Society will present 12 awards in 2020, recognizing excellence and achievement in both specific and general fields of science. Biochemical Society Awards Centenary Award and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture. ', Angela Vincent awarded BNA Outstanding Contribution to British Neuroscience Award, Ashmolean Museum University Engagement Programme/Medical School Collaboration, Trinity 2013, Chief Scientific Officer takes the helm of dementia Drug Discovery Institute in Oxford, Celebrating 50 years of the British Neuroscience Association, Human trials suggest ‘repurposed’ drug could be safer treatment for bipolar disorder, National significance of Oxford's pharmacology department recognised, Experimental Psychology mourns the sudden death of Professor Glyn Humphreys, Gero Miesenböck Wins Frontiers of Knowledge Award, Phone app to help spot Parkinson's disease symptoms, The Department of Psychiatry Strategy Day, Get inside your own head during brain week, John Geddes wins the 2016 ECNP Neuropsychopharmacology Award, Professor Antony Galione elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Linked to Reduced Depressive Relapse Risk, New research to test whether early detection of depression relapse can achieve 30% fewer full episodes, Study finds virtual reality can help treat severe paranoia, Comment: ‘Better together for better dementia research and care’, Rising neuroscience stars win public engagement prizes, Anya Topiwala wins the Gosling Fellowship, Awards to the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Trial offers hope of a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, Kia Nobre appointed Chair of Oxford Neuroscience Strategic Oversight Committee, Major New Funding for Oxford Biomedical Research, Brain activity predicts the force of your actions. Biochemical Society Transactions (1 December 2013) 41 (6): 1343–1354. Further reading. Our researchers feature strongly in the Highly Cited Researchers 2020 list. DPAG's Vladyslav Vyazovskiy joins The Conversation, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre Featured on BBC One, DPAG's Hege Larsen wins prestigious NCarnation Award, EvOx Therapeutics raises £10m for precision system to treat disease, Kristie McCormick wins Peter Beaconsfield Prize, Emma Bardsley wins prize at MSDTC DPhil day, WAVE extends collaboration with Oxford to advance therapies for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Antonio Miranda Shortlisted for National Image Competition, DPAG Students at the Oxford Science Festival 2016, DPAG Cricket Team Secures a Win in Tightly Contested Match, Congratulations to DPAG's new Associate Professors, DPAG's Lisa Heather to give The Physiological Society's Bayliss-Starling Prize lecture, Shih-Jung Fan Selected to Give CRUK Oxford Centre Postdoc Prize Talk, New atlas of gene expression in the pre- and postnatal primate brain revealed in Nature, Researchers discover Sandman's role in sleep control, Ketone drink gives competitive cyclists a boost by altering their metabolism, New hope for shock patients in intensive care, Gero Miesenböck wins the Massry Prize 2016, Study suggests routes to improved immunity in older people, Brianna Stubbs Wins Gold at Rowing World Championships, Trial offers hope of a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, DPAG academics' textbook wins "Highly commended” prize at BMA Medical Book Awards, Tonia Thomas to climb Kilimanjaro for British Heart Foundation, Dr James Cantley wins EIT Health Headstart/Proof-of-Concept award, Susan Hammond - Interview with The Naked Scientist, First of our three billion heartbeats is sooner than we thought, Emma Bardsley wins prizes at BHF CRE and OXION annual symposia, Heads of Department new and old unite to bid farewell to Laurie Surman, Neural pathways in complex mating rituals identified in fruit flies, Why running could keep you awake at night, First sign of a heartbeat: Paul Riley speaks to The Naked Scientists. Professor Chris Marshall, Head of the Division of Cancer Biology, has won the prestigious Biochemical Society Centenary Award 2015. Click 'Find out more' for information on how to change your cookie settings. Prof Robin Klemm is joining DPAG this summer, Biomarker predicts which patients with heart failure have a higher risk of dying, New target identified to help prevent dangerous heart rhythms after heart attack, Understanding the mechanisms driving a major type of immune cell to keep our gut healthy, Malnutrition linked with increased risk of Zika birth defects, New insights into how the brain makes sense of our constantly changing soundscape, New target identified for repairing the heart after heart attack, New human heart model set to boost future cardiac research and therapies, Professor Eve Marder delivers the 2020 Mabel FitzGerald Prize Lecture, Congratulations to DPAG's new Departmental Lecturers, OPDC visits local children's group to raise brain awareness, Communicating the messages of extracellular vesicles to the wider public, Prof. Dr. Nils Brose honours former teacher Marianne Fillenz in Memorial Lecture, Oxford Medical Students and DPAG tutors are setting the standard for neuroanatomy teaching, Researchers discover cell communication mechanism that drives cancer adaptation, Support Oxford's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, Fellowship awarded to Samuel Malone to further research into the sympathetic control of obesity, Shared Parental Leave Spotlight for Mother's Day, DPAG Students win 2020 Goodger and Schorstein Awards, How DPAG is supporting our staff, students and community during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Local school students engaged in exciting new careers mentoring programme, Reporting on the first DPAG sponsored International Women's Day Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, New technique could shed light on how blood transports oxygen in disorders such as COVID-19, Crowning achievement for DPAG in BRAINScapes 2020, Milena Cioroch is Apprentice of the Month, DPAG and RDM researchers set to reveal the role of inflammatory cells in heart repair, OPDC Researchers hit target for Parkinson's UK with 2.6 Challenge, New weight-loss drug brings hope for safer obesity treatment, Nervous system cells defined in unprecedented detail, HCQ with antibiotics to treat COVID-19 could be dangerous for the heart, COVID-19 drug trial could lead to enhanced respiratory care for patients, Professor Peter Robbins Podcast Transcript, Dr Oliver Stone starts research group as Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Professor Anant Parekh to be Honorary Guest Speaker at the 108th Indian Science Congress, URICA trial gives hope for faster diagnosis of hemolysis in the newborn, Oliver Neely wins Peter Beaconsfield Prize, Assumptions on fetal iron development during pregnancy challenged, Stories of Women in Neuroscience: Dr Kerry Walker, Samira Lakhal-Littleton to give prestigious Bayliss-Starling Prize Lecture, Shaping our understanding of why we sleep, New DPAG Associate Professors and University Research Lecturer. Biochemical Society Centenary Award – Susan Taylor ... ‘In the year the Biochemical Society celebrates 50 years of the Colworth Medal, it seems fitting that the 2014 winners demonstrate the strong future of biomolecular research in the UK and internationally. British Heart Foundation awards £7.6 million to Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Science Centre, DPAG lecturers recipients of Medical Sciences Division Teaching Excellence Awards, On 16th October, The Annual Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Science Centre lecture was given by Professor Viviana Gradinaru, Oxford named world's best for Medicine for seventh consecutive year, Group Leaders’ dinner: DPAG welcomes new Head of Division, Professor Gavin Screaton. Awards and Honours EDI News His work focuses on spectroscopic elucidation of the electronic structure of transition metal complexes and its contribution to reactivity. 2016 Centenary Award of the British Biochemical Society; 2016 Advanced Grant of the European Research Council ('TRANSREGULON') 2015 Arthur Burkhardt Preis; 2015 Guest Professor, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; 2012 Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany; 2012 Paula und Richard von Hertwig Preis Congratulations are in order for Dr Lukas Krone who is one of just five University of Oxford researchers selected to attend the Global Young Scientists Summit 2021. Nominations have now opened for awards for 2020 from the Biochemical Society (UK), one of the Constituent Societies of FEBS. As the newly announced winner, Kay is invited to present the Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins Memorial Lecture at a Society conference during 2020, and to submit an article related to her Award Lecture to one of the Society's publications. Centenary Award Awarded annually to a biochemist of distinction from any part of the world. Awards and Honours We are taking steps to make our prizes and awards portfolio more reflective of the modern world and the diversity of our community. The Centenary Award is awarded annually to a biochemist of distinction from any part of the world. a Biochemical Society Centenary Celebration - Semantic Scholar. Kieran Clarke answers the Big Question: Why are athletes using ketones? BIOIRON was founded to advance knowledge about the biological and medical roles of iron and the processes in which it participates with particular reference to those processes of medical and industrial importance. This site contains all information on conference details and registration/abstract submission. Given the 50% reduction in research investment this year from the BHF due to the impact of COVID-19, Prof Herring is to be congratulated on these awards. The 2018 Biochemical Society Award winners: The Centenary Award Professor Frank McCormick, University of California San Francisco, Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA ISBN 9780904498219. It is a great pleasure to announce that a number of Neuroscience researchers have been successful in the recent assessment process for the conferment of the title of full Professor. That's it. OPDC News These awards recognize established researchers as well as scientists in the early stages of their career. ", Could Humans Hibernate? History of the Biochemical Society, 1911-1986. I feel humbled, honoured and delighted to have my work recognised in this way by the Biochemical Society. Head of Department's News. Heatley Medal Lecture. Archives; Summary. 132 views; 11 months ago; 1:10. Oliver Smithies, Gordon Dixon and George Connell – later Chair of the Department, and President of the University – in 1962 developed starch gel electrophoresis to separate proteins. Starting and leaving. 2012 Biochemical Society Centenary Award. The Centenary Award is awarded annually to a distinguished biochemist from any part of the world.

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